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International Students

International Students

An international student is one:

  1. whose pre-boarding school education has taken place outside North America
  2. whose mother tongue is not likely to be English and whose English language skills are unlikely to be fluent
  3. who will most likely hold a foreign (non-USA/Canadian) passport

International students are keen to seek admission to a boarding school in the USA or Canada because:

  1. they wish to improve their English language skills
  2. their parents seek the comfort zone of a sheltered and structured boarding school environment as a stepping stone to ease the cultural/academic transition
  3. their ultimate goal is to gain acceptance to a college or university of choice in the USA/Canada

Boarding schools can offer many benefits to international students including:

  1. A family-style environment, conducive to learning
  2. Tailor-made ESL programs to support students in transition, including TOEFL Review
  3. Opportunities for travel, activities, and athletic endeavor
  4. Life-long friendships with peers from all over the USA/Canada